Organized by New York Photo Association (NYPA).



Closing Date………………….    05 May 2021                     

All judging completed by.   16 May 2021                                     

Notifications sent by………  23 May 2021

Awards mailed by.............  05 August 2021

e-Exhibition (Gallery)……………………. 20 June– 20 September 2021 to salon website:

Catalog Upload Date….......20 June 2021      

FIAP Salon File sent by… ...05 June 2021      

PSA EDAS Report sent by   05 June 2021        



6 Sections

  • Open Color (PSA/FIAP- PIDC- Color Only).

  • Theme Woman (PSA/FIAP-PIDC-Color Only).

  • Open Monochrome (PSA/FIAP- PIDM-Monochrome Only).

  • Theme Child PSA/FIAP - PIDM -Monochrome Only).

  • Photo Travel (PSA PTD / FIAP Traditional-Color/Monochrome).

  • Nature (PSA/FIAP - ND - Color/Monochrome).




Total of 146 awards includes:

48 Medals, 96 Ribbons, FIAP SLBP and Best Club Award.

  • 6 PSA Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 FIAP Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 GPU Gold Chairs Choice (1 per section)

  • 6 NYPA Gold (1per section)

  • 6 NYPA Silver (1 per section)

  • 18 NYPA Antique Gold Judge’s Choice (3 per section)

  • 12 PSA HM Ribbons (2 per section)

  • 12 FIAP HM Ribbons (2 per section

  • 12 GPU HM Ribbons (2 per section)

  • 60 NYPA HM Ribbons (10 per section)

  • FIAP Special Light Blue Pin (SLBP) – Best Author

  • Best Club / Group Award (Minimum 10 participant in Club / Group).

  • The jury reserves the right to grant additional awards. Each author can receive only one Award in each section.

  • A total fee for 6 section are $25.

  • “EARLY BIRD” discount for all 6 section is $20 allowed untill 5th April, 2021. No matter how many sections joined.

  • All entry fee must pay by Closing Date.

  • Late entry fee will not entertain. Entries received without the fee will not be judged.

  • For Club/Group entry of 10 + Person discount available. No matter how many sections joined.

  • Club/Group entrants must fill their Club/Group name in the registration process to validate as a Club/Group entrant.

  • please contact us for Club/ Group discount –

  • Digital image format: JPEG, sRGB color profile, maximum image width (horizontal) is 1920 pixels and maximum image height (vertical) is 1080 pixels, the maximum file size must be 1.5 MB or less.​



  • All accepted / awarded images will receive a high-quality printable, digital certificate via email

ID Phhoto Rowshan.tif

Rowshan Akhter


General Chair:

Rowshan Akhter,





Photography has no boundaries

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List of Eminent Judges who will be selecting the works

Riccardo Busi_n.jpg

Riccardo Busi

QPSA, MFIAP, ESFIAP, EFIAP/p, Hon. EFIAP; Florence, Italy - Open Color, Theme Woman. (PIDC).

Nan Carder.jpg
Nan Carder

FPSA, GMPSA, EFIAP; CA, USA - Open Color, Theme Woman. (PIDC).

new Dr Rashid Un Nabi EFIAPb.jpg

Rashid Un Nabi

  • EFIAP/b; Dhaka, Bangladesh - Open Color, Theme Woman. (PIDC).

Larry Cowles.jpg

Larry Cowles

HonPSA, GMPSA/P, EFIAP/d1; AZ, USA- Open Monochrome, Theme Child. (PIDM).

Taraknath Dey.jpg

Taraknath Dey

  • GMPSA, EFIAP; Ontario, Canada - Open Monochrome,Theme Child. (PIDM).

Andrew Kurchey .jpg

Andrew Kurchey

APSA; NY, USA - Open Monochrome, Theme Child. (PIDM).

Joanne Stolte, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, ESFI

Joanne Stolte

HonPSA, MPSA, ESFIAP, EFIAP; CA, USA – Photo Travel (PTD), Nature, (ND).

Subrata Bysack.jpg

Subrata Bysack

APSA, GMPSA/p, EFIAP/g. Kolkata, India– Photo Travel (PTD), Nature, (ND).

Kah-Wai Lin.jpg

 Kah-Wai Lin

  • EPSA, SPSA, AFIAP; NJ, USA– Photo Travel (PTD), Nature, (ND).